Parlour Double-Decker Phoenix

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Всяко тесте идва с безплатни примерни трикове.
Key features of the Parlour Double-Decker:
  • The cards of the Double-Decker are so ultrathin that two complete decks incl.
  • Jokers fit into a regular cardcase!Design, playing card size and corner roundings exactly match the new Phoenix Parlour Deck
  • Cardcase of the Double-Decker match the cardcase of the regular Phoenix Parlour Deck and allows an easy deckswitch
  • The backs are marked like the marked Phoenix Parlour Deck and therefore allows additional handlings
  • The Double-Decker can be ordered in several combinations and allows applications acording to the Phil Deck, Trilogy etc.
  • Roughing the cards will add a little thickness to the cards, but still 104 cards fit into the cardcase.
  • Glueing cards in pairs is also possible, the added thickness does not prevent to still put the two full decks into the cardcase.

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Първото тесте / First Deck

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Второ тесте / Second deck

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Гръб Double Decker

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