Phoenix Svengali Deck / Свенгали Тесте

Phoenix Svengali Deck / Свенгали Тесте

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For the First Time EVER… A “Casino Quality” SVENGALI Deck!

Keeping with our exacting standards for magicians, Card-Shark is proud to release our “Casino Quality” Phoenix Svengali Deck. These decks are made from sorted “Casino Quality” Short Cards blended with our regular “Casino Quality” Phoenix Cards. The result is a Svengali Deck that handles like no other. We even shortened the back design on the short cards so there is no tell-tale narrow border. Further, being “Casino Quality”, over hand shuffles are a dream, with no fear of the cards being drawn “out of order”. All the popular Svengali moves are so easy. This is NOT your old Svengali Deck!! To handle it is to love it! A card is selected and returned to the pack which is then shuffled. The magician then feels the backs of the cards one at a time and is able to find the selected card by sensing which card is warmer from the spectators touch! The selected card is then shuffled into the pack again only to jump to the top of the deck. The cards are then cut once placing the selected card in the middle of the pack – but say the magic words and the selected card is on top again! The famous trick deck that does all the work for you… but now in Phoenix Deck “Casino Quality”. Absolutely the BEST Svengali Deck on the market!! Available in Red Phoenix Back only. comes in regular card case

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Тегло 0.1 кг
Цвят / Colour

Син / Blue, Червен / Red

Индекс / Index


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